Scheme Details

The Community Housing Providers Prequalification Scheme is seeking suitable applicants to provide services as Community Housing Providers (CHPs). The intent of this scheme is to support Affordable Housing outcomes.

This scheme gathers relevant information regarding registered Community Housing Providers so that any private or government organisation wishing to procure Affordable Housing development and/or management services can readily locate Community Housing Providers that are suited to their project needs.

Only applicants that are successfully registered in the Australian National Regulatory System Community Housing (NRSCH) will be eligible for prequalification in this scheme.

If successful in attaining prequalification in this scheme applicants may then be invited to tender based on their suitability to work in a geographic location, the scale of project and other attributes, for example the type of accommodation.

It is not known whether or when tenderers will be contacting providers and the contracting vehicle will depend on the type of project and will be outlined at the time of sourcing.

Community Housing Providers should keep their information up-to-date in this schedule. Inclusion in this prequalification scheme does not guarantee any particular tender, it is intended as an ongoing vehicle to put proponents of new Affordable Housing in touch with well-suited Community Housing Providers who can either manage or develop Affordable Housing or both.  This prequalification schedule is intended to streamline the procurement process.



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