Good Morning,

I am sending you this information as the main contact for the local Aboriginal interagency group to advise that as of today February 23rd 2017 there will no longer be an Aboriginal staff member at the Australian Bureau of Statistics in the Sydney office.  The position may be filled in the future.

I have collected contact details from both Will Swain and Paul Ryan to get in touch with as many groups as possible, can you please pass this information through your network for me?

Below is the link to the Census 2016 release dates, for those that are waiting for the release. 

If you have any general data enquiries you can contact:

National Information and Referral Service on 1300 135 070 – this team is located in our Sydney office

Or if you need information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander data you can contact our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team:

The National Centre of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics (NCATSIS) who are based in our Darwin and Canberra office at

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the ABS with the details above.



Lauren Phillips (Strachan)

National Centre for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Statistics
 NSW Engagement Managers Unit | Australian Bureau of Statistics 
(P) 02 9268 4823 
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