Late Night Library is the City of Sydney Library’s award-winning night-time program. The series provides programming opportunities for emerging and established producers and performers and offers residents and visitors access to new cultural experiences in a familiar local venue.


The City is seeking proposals from creative producers to curate and deliver a series of Late Night Library performances in 2019.


Propose an engaging, original and diverse series of Late Night Library events. A series should comprise of 3 to 4 events, each 1 hour long. Your brief must:

  • explore the theme of the series
  • fit the established Late Night Library style
  • consider the unique character or flavour of the location you have chosen.

Themes for 2019

Power/Empower: Authority versus courage. Who has it, who grants it, who challenges it and who wields it? What nurtures authority? What nurtures courage? And all for what purpose?


Corporeality: The tangibility of the body or its exact opposites. What limits does the body place on our imagination and identity? What transgressions does it allow? Is the human corporeal body obsolete in this digital age?


Proposals must:

  • outline each event within the series
  • identify names of performers
  • outline your methods and experience producing cultural events
  • include an itemised budget
  • include a strategy for additional promotion of the events and a sample of promotional copy.



Please note:

  • you may submit a proposal for 1 or multiple series
  • the budget for 1 series is up to $7,000 excluding GST
  • submissions close 5pm Wednesday 31 October 2018
  • you can download the application guide.



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