The City of Parramatta Council is planning to roll out some new signage material and would like feedback from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. For research and testing purposes, we have designed some signage design options to test with the community at some live Visit and Feedback sessions.

A bit about these visit and feedback sessions – 

The test signage materials will be installed across a chosen park, that will be our test site. If invited to attend, you will be required to go around the park to look, observe, evaluate and give your feedback on these signage options at a scheduled time.

These sessions will be conducted at Boronia Park in Epping. 

We will be running these sessions during the day, while there is daylight. These sessions will be around 1 hour 30 minutes long. 

We are looking at running workshops with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community on one of the following dates:

  • 5th November (Monday)
  • 6th November (Tuesday)
  • 7th November (Wednesday)
  • 8th November (Thursday)
  • 9th November (Friday)

For the participants who attend these live visit and feedback sessions, we will be giving out $70 gift vouchers to thank them for their contribution.  

To register your interest in these sessions, please complete the below screener survey.

Here is the link to the screener –


Alternatively, you can email your contact details and your preferred time and date to


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