YOU ARE INVITED to INDIGIPITCH – Australia’s first ever Indigenous business pitch weekend

When: November 2nd to 4th 2018

Where: Launch Friday night at Canva, Surrey Hills

Saturday/Sunday at Fishburners Hub, Sydney

IndigiPitch is Australia’s first ever Indigenous business pitch weekend run by and for Indigenous businesses. In business you are pitching constantly to various audiences. The weekend, run by IndigiSpace, a business supporting the development of Indigenous businesses helps refine your pitch and better tell your story.

The IndigiPitch launch, hosted by one of Australia’s funniest comedians Sean Choolburra will kick start the weekend, with exciting guest speakers and Indigenous entrepreneur panel sharing their knowledge and experiences.  The remainder of the weekend will see entrepreneurs learn how to pitch and best tell their story to a variety of audiences, develop and validate their business model ensuring it is desirable, feasible and viable and walk away with a direction for their business and a new ecosystem to support them.

If you are you are passionate about Indigenous business, social impact or business start ups then we would also like to invite you to our Friday night launch at Canva. For more information & tickets go to:

If you are you an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person with a great idea or established business then we would like to invite you to the IndigiPitch weekend. For more information & tickets go to:

IndigiPitch is an event created for the benefit of the community, it provides a platform to for Indigenous entrepreneurs to pitch, develop and promote their businesses. We invite you to support the ignition of a new generation of passionate Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses making their mark in the business world.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact today

Greg Hodgkinson


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