WentWest are inviting you to apply to their recently released tenders listed as below:


1. Request for Proposal – Psychological Support Services Tender:


The purpose of the National Psychosocial Support (NPS) measure is to provide psychosocial support services mainly functional supports such as vocational skills, maintaining physical well-being, building broader life skills, financial management and budgeting, and family connects to assist people with severe and complex mental illness resulting in reduced psychosocial functional capacity.

These services will build ability and skills to assist people to manage their mental illness, improve their relationships with family and others, and increase social and economic participation.


2.Request for Proposal for Youth Severe Mental Health Services Tender:


The aim of Youth Severe Mental health funding is to provide services to young people experiencing severe mental health illness.

The purpose is to develop and commission – new early intervention services to meet the needs of young people with, or at risk of, severe mental illness who can be appropriately managed in the primary care setting.


Funding will be made available to assist the successful applicants in providing the services proposed in their applications.Applicants are eligible to apply for funding as per in the application guidelines in both the tenders.

Further information can be found on the Tenderlink Website.



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