The June 2018 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Alternative Entry Program assessments are coming up soon, and just like last year, students currently completing Year 12 this year are eligible to apply now to gain a conditional offer for 2019 (condition: must complete Year 12).


2018 Program dates:

  • Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th of June, 2018 at Penrith campus
  • Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th November, 2018 at Penrith campus



I have attached flyers for the June & November testing dates – please feel free to circulate to your contacts. I have also attached a blank application in case any of your students are interested in applying.


The Alternative Entry Program is for any prospective Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander student who may not have completed Year 12, or if the prospective students ATAR is lower than the cut-off of their chosen course. Students DO NOT need an ATAR to apply.


Students who plan to apply through UAC are also encouraged to apply directly through the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Alternative Entry Program as it can be used as a backup in case the student doesn’t get an offer into their course of choice through UAC.


The Alternative Entry Program is over two days:

  • Day one: Numeracy assessment. Applicants have the opportunity to attend a revision workshop in the morning prior to the numeracy assessment.
  • Day two: Essay and Comprehension assessments and informal group interviews with an Academic from their selected area of studyBased on the assessment results, the applicant will either receive an offer to one of their chosen courses, or be offered a College pathway to their chosen course. Alternately, they will be invited to re-sit the exam(s) they did not pass during the next testing round.


Please be aware that we are in the process of moving our applications online via the Western branded portal – we will let you know when it is up and running and ready to use. In the meantime, applications will continue to be paper-based. Instructions for this can be found here –


I would also like to let everyone know that Jessica Bamblett is currently in the role or Testing and Promotions Coordinator for the Alternative Entry Program.


More info:

All Undergraduate courses – Future Students – Undergraduate courses (these are now listed under different “themes”. The search function at top right-hand corner of the page is great to use if the student has a specific course they’re interested in reading more about).

All Diplomas and Foundation Studies offered by The College – The College – Courses and Pathways


If you require any further information or would like to discuss please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Jess Bamblett (Ph: 9678 7563 or E:


Please see program flyers below.

alternative_entry_program_application_form 2017 FINAL pg1 INDG2616AltEntryFlyer_v4 ATSI Alt Entry Flyer 2018 final version – June 2018 dates

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