The Office of Sport has been requested to provide Indigenous communities with information and the opportunity to apply for funding in structured  and subsidised swimming and water safety programs.


Obviously there are limitations on available funding and in your application you should provide evidence of need to support your proposal for Indigenous Swimming Program funding.


The application form does not provide a closing date or an amount of funding however you would be best advised to look at all options as soon as is practical.


A submitted application does not ensure you will be provided with funding as the scheme is competitive and aimed to address specific target groups/areas.


If you have any inquiries please direct these to:                 Erica Betts

Indigenous Participation Program Coordinator, Swimming NSW

Phone: 0437 406 480


Your completed Application Form should be directed to:                 Indigenous Participation Program Coordinator, Swimming NSW

PO Box 571, Sydney Markets,  NSW 2129

Phone: 0437 406 480



The Swimming Program Funding is not being provided by the Office of Sport and therefore our Agency will not have any input into the funding amounts or the organisation to be funded.

We trust you will support the scheme and provide opportunity for organisations in your local community to make application for a vital skill needed within the Indigenous Community.


Ricky Lyons  Project Officer Aboriginal  Central Region

Sport Development and Support [Sport and Recreation Services} Office of Sport

Address: Level 3 6b Figtree Drive, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

Postal: Locked Bag 1422 Silverwater NSW 2128

Tel  (02) 8754 8858  Mob  0423 824 986  Fax (02) 9006 3883


Please see attached flyer and application form below.

Indigenous Participation Program 16                              Application Form16





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