Positive Partnerships are currently sending out a free resource pack consisting of additional resources that may support staff when working with families, schools and communities. The focus is on children on the autism spectrum, and those who learn and behave differently.


The content, resources, material and templates have been developed in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and reviewed by the Positive Partnerships National Reference Group members. The material is culturally respectful, relevant and meaningful to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It is based on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teaching and therefore uses narrative and storytelling to form the basis of all information.



Djarmbi The different kookaburra – storybook, IPad App and teacher resource guide

The storybook is a resource which introduces the sensitive topic of ‘difference’ through the use of a bush animal that is indeed different to the rest of his community.

The guide consists of three sample lesson plans.

The Djarmbi app is a multi-level resource for families, schools and communities as it can be used for fun and enjoyment, learning and engagement or as an information resource.


“Our Kids, Our Stories’ Voices of Aboriginal Parents across Australia

Aboriginal parents and carers share their individual journey and stories supporting a child on the autism spectrum.  These stories have been gathered from story tellers from different mobs across Australia.


Ask for Help Cards

These cards support any parent or carer who may be concerned about their child behaving differently. Visual cultural images and wording on the card act as a draw card for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.   .


Positive Partnerships Workshops Brochure

These brochures act as a handy guide that explains all about Positive Partnerships; how the program works, why people should attend a workshop and what will be gained by attending a workshop.. Brochures can be put on display in your location and more can be ordered on request by emailing:


Online Learning Modules Brochure

free online learning modules. The Individual Child’s Storybook module uses the narratives of a mother’s journey and the story of a young boy named Kevin, to introduce the planning template ‘The individual child’s storyboard’. You can also log in to the website and access a range of other topics including An Introduction to Autism, Understanding Behaviour, Sensory Processing, and Using Visual Supports.


Talking Points sheets


These sheets provide a talking point for school staff and service providers to have a yarn with parents and carers about the characteristics of autism. They provide supportive information about autism and creating an awareness of some impacts and strategies that could help, and also guide families what to do next.


Stories of Autism – animations and the ‘Finding out about Kevin’ activity book.

These storytelling animations, developed with people in Aboriginal communities across Australia, can help guide conversations about autism amongst parents, family carers, local schools and service providers.


A Family Journey’ – animation


A father’s reflection: A Story of a non-Indigenous family and their combined struggles with adapting to a new country and learning to support their young boy on the autism spectrum. The story highlights the family’s struggles and triumphs, as they learn and adapt to support their child.


Journey’s Over Time – comic book

This comic book tells the stories of three very different families over 3 different parts of their journey. Each story touches on the themes of diagnosis and coping with the different ways their children learn and behave and how the family access support. Each story links to the next and celebrates achievements, with the final story considering autism in Traditional Aboriginal society.


The Individual Child’s Storyboard

The individual child’s storyboard is a planning template used to gather children’s individual stories. This template ensures that everyone is able to work together to support the child consistently and proactively.


If you would like copies of these resources mailed to you, free of charge, please email Renee Christie with your name and postage details.

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