The NSW Parliament has passed a number of legal reforms to toughen the laws on drink driving, to reduce drink driving on our roads and make our roads safer.

The following law changes will begin on Monday 3rd December, 2018:

Middle range drink driving first offenders will be disqualified from driving for 3 months , and required to install an alcohol interlock device in their vehicle for a minimum of 12 months; and
Vehicle sanctions (including license plate confiscation or vehicle impoundment) will be able to be applied by NSW Police at the roadside, for repeat, high-risk drink driving offenders.

There is strong community support for a tougher stand on drink and drug driving. The continuing high number of crashes resulting in fatalities and serious injuries, where alcohol and drug use is involved, needs to be addressed to reduce the number of crashes and make our roads safer.

There will be more communications and information about these reforms on radio (including Koori Radio), Koori Mail, social media (NSW Road Safety), Centre for Road Safety website  in the lead-up to Monday 3rd December, 2018, and as the new laws are implemented. There will also be communications distributed to CRS partners including Justice NSW, Roads and Maritime Services, Aboriginal Legal Service for further distribution to support agencies and community networks.

The NSW Government is committed to addressing drink and drug driving on our roads to make the roads safer for all road users and the community. Making our roads safer is a shared responsibility for all of us.

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