Murawin are hosting a Together Ways – Building our Intercultural Capacity Workshop in Sydney in May and would love to share info about it with you.

This workshop is for anyone who is considering, or is currently, working or volunteering in an inter-cultural context. Working Together Way uses story-telling, play and creative processes to explore the barriers and bridges for working together across cultures, histories and generations. Our workshop will explore approaches that we draw on in our work as well as honouring the knowledge of group participants in the traditions of peer learning. Working Together Way privileges and embraces cultural differences whilst recognising the significant role that our own culture and stories play in any work we do.

Together we will: • Reflect on our own cultural strengths and blindspots. • Identify what enables us to engage and work effectively in the spirit of Makarrata. • Lay a path for Working Together Ways. • Be part of creating the future, join us in building a new way forward a Together Way.

To register, visit: Sydney:

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