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I hope you are having an awesome day. My name is Leearna Williams. I am a proud Bundjalung Woman from Lismore on the Northern Rivers of NSW and I am the Indigenous Student Recruitment Officer at UNSW. I am contacting you in hopes that you will forward the attached information throughout your networks.


Located at the heart of UNSW, is UNSW’s Indigenous Programs Unit, Nura Gili. Nura Gili is a dedicated learning and support centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. With over 300 enrolled Indigenous students, we are recognised as having one of the highest Indigenous student retention rates of any Australian university and for providing the best support services and alternative entry programs in the country.


Our team’s core business is to provide our students with the:


  • opportunity to gain entry to a degree that will excite them and prepare them to be a world changer
  • academic, pastoral, accommodation, financial and many more support services needed to successfully travel through their higher education journey
  • community and family environment; a home away from home


At UNSW we deliver globally recognised degree’s, degree’s that are equipped with the skills, knowledge and capacity to ensure the students learning is at the highest level and they graduate with both the theory and practical experience needed to make the world a better place.


As part of our commitment to increase the participation of Indigenous Australians in the higher education sector, UNSW and Nura Gili offer two entry pathway programs designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People to gain entry to their degree and to provide them the best start to your educational journey.


What is the UNSW Indigenous Preparatory Programs?


Available to anyone who would like to study Business, Education, Law, Medicine and Social Work, Pre-Programs has been developed in partnership with Nura Gili and UNSW faculties and schools to provide participants with a steppingstone to their dream career and introduce them to university life within an environment that provides them with culturally appropriate support.

Participants will spend three weeks living in one of UNSW Accommodation Colleges, participating in lectures, tutorials, group work, social activities and more. During the program they will meet UNSW support staff, inspiring academics and fellow participants, providing them the opportunity to make friends and build connections before they begin their UNSW degree. Throughout the program, participants will be assessed on their commitment, attitude and aptitude towards their studies and their ability to participate academically in their selected discipline. At the end of the three weeks participants will participate in an interview with faculty and Nura Gili staff who will provide them with feedback and the outcome of their participation in the program.

The 2017 Pre-Program is running from Wed, 22 Nov – Thurs, 14 Dec 2017 and being held at UNSW Kensington campus. This program is free and not at any cost to participants.

Applications are now open and can be accessed through downloading the application here.


What is the UNSW Indigenous Admission Scheme?


Available to applicants who are wanting to study in the areas of Art and Design, Arts and Social Sciences (except Education and Social Work), Built Environment, Engineering, Exercise Physiology and Science.


IAS is a one-day alternative entry program that involves submission of two applications, the first through UAC and the second through Nura Gili; an interview with faculty and Nura Gili staff and completion of a 90-minute written task. The same process with Pre-Programs, participants will be assessed on their commitment, attitude and aptitude towards their studies and their ability to participate academically in their selected discipline. A Nura Gili staff member will contact applicants within one to two weeks of their interview to provide them with feedback and the outcome of their application. If applicants live more than 90 minutes from UNSW by public transport they are eligible to receive funding from the Department of Human Services to attend their interview. They must complete the Centrelink Student Travel Form and take the completed form to their local Centrelink Office for travel arrangements to be organised.

IAS interviews are being held between October and January 2018 on the following dates:


Round One Interviews:


All Round One Applications Close 3 October 2017


Round Two Interviews:


All Round Two November Interview Applications Close 16 October 2017

All Round Two December Interview Applications Close 20 November 2017


Round Three Interviews:


All Round Three Applications Close 18 December 2017 (Please note: UNSW closes for the Christmas and New Year Holidays on 19 December and will re-open 2 January 2018. All applications need to be complete and received by close of business on 18 December)

Applications are now open and can be completed online by clicking here.

As a UNSW student, students will have an incredible opportunity to be part of world discussions, debates and tackling the grand challenges of modern society that will shape the future of Australia and the world. We also believe UNSW and Nura Gili will provide our students the environment needed to be their home away from home and offer them an educational experience unlike any other.


We hope you have a great day and we look forward to hearing from anyone who might be interested in applying for our pathway programs.


If you have any questions you can reply to this email, call us on (02) 9385 3805, or drop into our centre for a yarn.




Kind Regards,

Leearna Williams

Student Recruitment Officer

Nura Gili Indigenous Programs Unit



T: +61 2 9385 8306


CRICOS Provider Code 00098G

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