Hi Natasha,


Firstly I should let you know that Family Worker Training and Development Programme Inc.  has now changed it’s name to “Lead Professional Development Association Inc.”

I would like to ask if you would kindly distribute this flyer for a fantastic Art Therapy Workshop that we are holding for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workers Only.  Please be aware that the title of the workshop is “Creative approaches to working therapeutically with Families and Communities” and will be run at the beautiful Penrith Regional Gallery at Emu Plains.


This workshop will be facilitated by Aboriginal Elder Aunty Bev Eaton who has worked in the Community Services sector for over 20 years and Sue Wildman who is an Art Therapist, Theatre Practitioner and Counsellor and has worked in the community sector for over 27 years and seeks to equip case workers and anyone working with families, with useful creative processes as a means of assisting both children and adults to express feelings, gain insights and work towards positive change.


Lunch and morning tea will be provided and all participants will receive a certificate.


Places are limited so please jump on our website at: www.leadpda.org.au and register for your organisation.  You will need to enter the code: AC18CAW when registering.  Please NotePeople need to register by 12th February for this workshop to go ahead, otherwise it will be re-scheduled or cancelled.  This is the case with all of our workshops, just so people know J


If you want help registering for this event please don’t hesitate to call our office on 02 9620 6172 and we will gladly assist you.


Kind regards,



Please see flyers below.

Creative approaches to working therapeutically with families and communities                             Flyer for Yarn Up dates 2018

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