The Youth Opportunities program provides one-off, time-limited grants between $10,000 and $50,000 to not-for-profit organisations and local councils for youth-led and youth-driven community projects that have a positive youth development focus.
Funded projects from previous rounds have focused on giving young people the opportunity to develop a range of skills, including life skills and healthy behaviours; leadership, communication and teamwork; event management and planning; and providing volunteering opportunities that link young people to further education and training.
Organisations seeking project funding from the Youth Opportunities program are to involve young people in all aspects of the project (initiating, leading, managing and participating).
Projects which are genuinely youth-led and youth-driven are those initiated by young people in response to what they have said they need. We are seeking applications which address young people’s identified needs in an innovative way and increase young people’s connections to the community.
Organisations must speak with young people and involve them in developing the project proposal prior to submitting an application.
Applications close: 16 July 2018.
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